Saturday, 7 March 2015


“Mom! It’s your marriage anniversary! “My daughter was bubbling with enthusiasm. “How should we celebrate it? I want to make it your most memorable anniversary!” She said.
I smiled as I told her,” I appreciate your spirit, beta! But I don’t think you can break your own record by making it more memorable.”
She looked puzzled as I started telling her how as a 4 month old; she had made our second marriage anniversary memorable.

As I said, it was our 2nd marriage anniversary. We (my husband and I) had decided to celebrate it privately with the new member of our family, who was the centre of our attention for the past four months.

After taking a stroll at The Mall Road, Shimla, we chose a decent, budget restaurant on Mall Road to have dinner (That was the most we could afford before fifth pay commission pay hike). We entered the restaurant proudly carrying the cutest child on earth (as new parents we didn’t know that all the parents find their child the cutest).  My daughter looked little uncomfortable upon entering in a cramped space (Shimla being a tourist place, most of the budget restaurants on The Mall Road are cramped). We tried to comfort her, but failed.  We didn’t realize that we could be disturbing others, until we noticed that all heads had turned towards us; as gradually increasing, the volume of her cries had reached to the topmost level and in order to soothe her we were also addressing her loudly inadvertently displaying our poor rhyming skills. Now, in the month of April, Shimla restaurants are mainly crowded with the newlywed couples, and the cries of a baby looked like a perfect misfit in the dimly lit hall and slow music. The couples started staring at us as if we were the culprits of making our baby cry and spoiling their romantic dinner. I prayed to God to forgive them as I knew that these innocent people might be under the impression that having a baby means only smiling and giggling as shown in the TV commercials, so a crying baby seemed odd to them. I could bet that those newly married ladies, who seemed to have spent considerable time in matching even their lipstick and nail polish to their dress, after having a child, might find themselves in a situation where even changing clothes for an outing would feel a cumbersome task. 

I quickly stepped out carrying my daughter, telling my husband to order food and call me when it was served. I realized that the baby might have been feeling claustrophobic in the cramped hall, as her mood totally reversed on coming out on The Mall Road and she started giggling and waving at strangers. When the food was served, my husband called me, but as soon as I entered the hall, she again turned to the crying mode, causing all the heads to turn again with the expression on their face,” fir aa gai “(she has come again).  This time we felt more helpless as even the waiters started looking at us sympathetically. Now, it was clear that there was no other way, except to keep her out of the restaurant. So I told my husband to have his food and leave something for me, as I carried her outside. After quickly stuffing some bytes in his mouth, my husband took the charge of her from me and kept roaming on the Mall Road, while I tried to complete the formality of eating hurriedly in order to join them.

Finally after few minutes all three of us were on the Mall Road, feeling happy.

After finishing my account I asked my uncontrollably laughing daughter,” don’t you think, it was a unique marriage anniversary celebration, where husband and wife had their dinner alone, eating one by one?”


  1. ha ha ha very good humko yaad hai jb tum bhilai aayi thi tb chain se soti rahi aur hum tijil ko le kr bahr ghoomte rahe kynki andar aane pr wo rona shuru kr deti thi :)

  2. Unique anniversary indeed!
    Such a cute pic. So nicely shared. i agree with your views- matching nailpaint & lipstick with dress is forgotten after marriage & child-birth!!!
    Happy Anniversary wishes 4 U & ur hubby. Bestest wishes forever :)

  3. That was a nice one Ratna! The children sure know what is the right way to enjoy:)