Saturday, 13 December 2014

Rise above Fear: the divine experience of parasailing

The first time we visited Goa, the thing that fascinated my three year old daughter most was parasailing. I remember, she was so fascinated by it that she would start running behind the man carrying his parasailing equipment, and we had great difficulty in bringing her back. At that time she was not eligible for parasailing, and even if she would have been eligible, I would never have allowed her as my heart used to sink at the thought of flying in the sky, even if protected through the ropes. Though we enjoyed that calm trip sitting on the beaches quietly reading and making sand houses, there was no element of thrill in the vacation. So last year when we decided to visit Goa again, I was sure, it was going to be the same peaceful vacation sitting on the chairs outside shacks and relaxing. Our vacation started the way it was supposed to be, but took a turn when a man came to us offering parasailing in the adjacent beach. My daughter (now a teenager) and son both grew excited over the thought and persuaded me  to allow them for it. 
I  had always  feared the heights and the thought of parasailing, was scary to me as I imagined breaking of ropes,drowning into the sea etc.  But while I was scared at the thought of children doing it, the man offering it, while explaining me the safety measures gave me another shock,” why don't you try it yourself? its absolutely safe!”I explained to him that I don't know swimming and the thought of falling in the sea if the ropes break is scaring me. He said,” We will be making you wear life jackets to ensure your safety and even if someone falls in the sea, our lifeguards are on the boat to save him/her in a few minutes!”
“Sure!” I thought,” unless the person fallen is like me and doesn't suffer heart attack the very moment of falling in the water ( I was sure I would die from a heart attack if the rope breaks)”But my husband was ready for the adventure and he along with the kids persisted so much that finally I also agreed to experience the parasailing.We were made to wear life jackets and were taken into the sea on a boat. When my daughter was getting ready for the sail, the man offered,” you can opt for a dip also, if you pay 300 rupees extra!”“No!” was my natural reaction which coincided with the screaming of my children,” Yes! We want a dip!”During the time my husband and children did parasailing, I was having a wavering mind and when it was my turn, I said,” I can't do it! I am scared!”  But the children were bent upon not letting me back out,” Mom! It’s so thrilling! You must experience it!”Finally, my family and the crew convinced me not to back out at this stage.When at the time of being hoisted from the boat, the crew asked whether I would like a dip, though wanting to say no, I said yes!

Once in the sky, the feeling of fear was replaced by a thrill that I had never experienced before!Though  the sight of ocean was not new to me, floating in the air above the sea, experiencing the cool breeze was amazing! My kids, looking like tiny creatures from 50 feet above were cheering me up from the boat. 
And about the dip in the sea! The feeling cannot be described in words! It was awesome! My husband screamed,” Shark! Near your feet!”But after spending five minutes in the sky without a boundary, I was a changed person and laughed wholeheartedly at his prank. When I landed back on the boat, I had a  sense of accomplishment never felt before. I thanked my children for encouraging me to do something I had always feared!
Rising above my fear of heights gave me such a joy, that I am still thrilled at the memory of it!

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