Tuesday, 25 November 2014


When my son was about three year old, this was a common scene in our home:

I scold my son. He goes to the other side of the bed, saying,”मैं मम्मा से गुस्सा हूँ! (I am annoyed with Mamma!)

I try to mollify him, but to no avail. My husband also joins me, but no luck!

Few minutes pass.

My son:” मैं पापा से भी गुस्सा हूँ! (I am annoyed with Papa too!)”

My husband: “मैंने क्या किया?(What have I done?)”

As time passes, I stop trying.

My son, unable to continue his गुस्सा with his mother, comes to her and says,” लेकिन मैं मम्मा से तो खुश हूँ पर पापा से गुस्सा हूँ! (I am happy with Mamma but annoyed with Papa!)

Mother son duo reconcile and chat happily, while the father is puzzled, “मैंने क्या किया है?(What have I done?)”

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