Thursday, 24 July 2014


When I was a school girl, my father got an offer for deputation in Assam, which he accepted. During the discussions in the family, somebody said,” Why do you need to go to Pardes(foreign land)?” (Probably the word was used as our family belonged to M.P.) I strongly objected to the word “pardes” saying, “Why are you using the word Pardes? Assam is our own country!”
During his stay in Assam, my father told this incidence to an IAS officer, with whom he was sharing the Government guest house. Upon hearing this, the officer said, “when you go home next time, convey my “Namaskar” to your daughter.” When my father conveyed his message to me, I could not understand why a “Namaskar” was needed for a simple statement.
Today, when I see our countrymen fighting and spreading hatred in the name of regionalism, it pains a lot. Now I understand, the feeling behind the “Namaskar” conveyed to a schoolgirl by the gentleman.


  1. Truly awesome post Ratna. :) I can understand the real feeling behind all this.

  2. An apt message, Ratna.
    Wish everyone thought this way.
    We are Indians first and also we are citizens of the Earth.
    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - the whole world is a family. I sincerely feel so and have the belief that I can connect with anyone in the world...

    It pains me a great deal when people fight and make narrow-minded statements about the state we live in or belong.
    As I have lived in many states, I feel I belong to the whole of India.
    Yet people state things without understanding or even giving a second thought. It hurts...

  3. Thanks Anita! You have summed it up very well!

  4. Well said pains me when people try to divide humanity on the basis of religion, race and caste. We talk of development but there can never be any development or growth until we come out of this racial trap. We need to learn and respect humanity.

  5. Thanks Renu! I agree that there can never be development until we come out of this trap!