Monday, 21 April 2014

My Sweet Childhood Memory

There are some childhood memories which we can never forget. one such memory very close to my heart is the marriage ceremony of my doll, which became a grand family event. please go through my Hindi story based on one of my sweetest childhood memory ; my Hindi story published in online Hindi magazine . Please go through the link below to read the story:


  1. Congrats for the great achievement, Ratna!
    Lovely feeling when anything gets published! I feel so delighted :)
    Over to your story now...

  2. Thanks Anita! its always great to hear from you! Please tell me how you feel about the story!

  3. Really touching story, Ratna. Great to read!
    Perfectly described with the right feelings, emotions & situations.
    Last para is too good :)

  4. Thanks Anita! So glad that you liked the story!