Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The greatest complient

She was sitting in her room with teary eyes. She had overheard her mother-in-law telling a friend,” it’s good that my granddaughter is not dark complexioned like her mother.”

Though her family always talked in derogatory manner about her dark complexion, her heart doomed each time hearing such conversations.

Suddenly, her 4 year old daughter stormed into the room yelling,” Mom! Grandma says I don’t look like you!
“Why am I not like you?” Her daughter continued,” You are the most beautiful in world!”
                                          © Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime Stock Photos

She felt her heart begin to heal …………….......

She had got the greatest compliment in life!

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  1. No doubt...children are the boon

  2. How lovely is this, Ratna! I have tears in my eyes...
    Kids see something that adults can't. What's there in the skin-color? One may be fair-skinned, yet totally dark within...

  3. Thanks Anita! You are such a great support for me. Your compliments motivate me to continue with "my imperfect writings"!

    1. Just realized that what you have named "imperfect writings" actually has works of art! Not imperfect at all!
      Name mismatch! :)
      Keep writing! Best wishes :)

    2. Thanks Anita! Can't explain how amazing it feels to get such a generous compliment from a great writer like you!

  4. Oh! These mindsets with compliments.
    There is hope in future generation!

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