Sunday, 16 March 2014

In trail of love#Go further to get closer

              Anushka was sitting with the ring in her hands. She had become so upset that she had almost forgotten her achievement which was once her greatest dream. The celebrations going on in the family for her passing the Civil Services exam seemed to be insipid to her. The centre of her thoughts today was Ishan, whom she was missing badly.  They both had always maintained that although they were engaged, there was no love between them. She started thinking about the strange way in which she had agreed to marry Ishan.

             Anushka had developed a liking to her classmate Parikshit while doing graduation. Her family had also agreed for her marriage to him, who was a rich man. But few days before the engagement, Parikshit refused to marry Anushka on the pretext of huge disparity in the status of their families.
Anushka was devastated. Her family was also cursing her for being in a relationship with such an untrustworthy boy. She had become a laughing stock for relatives and friends. Though she had not told her family, but she was aware that Parikshit had left her for Nikita, a beautiful girl who had been crowned the beauty queen of the city.

            At that time, Ishan who was Anushka’s neighbour and elder brother of her best friend Ishita, proposed her for marriage. They had known each other since childhood and therefore there was no formality among them. Ishan and Anushka were even classmates during initial classes, but as they grew up, Ishan opted for engineering stream and Anushka chose to study Economics. Now Ishan had completed his Engineering degree and Anushka her Masters in Economics. Though Ishan had always liked Ishika, he never expressed it, and now also he sent the marriage proposal through his family.

        Anushka’s family was very happy to get the marriage proposal of Ishan, as he was a handsome, bright boy from a well to do family. They had never imagined that she could get such a good match even after that break up. Ishan made it clear that the marriage would take place only after he completes his Masters degree from USA, which was his long cherished dream. Both families decided that engagement ceremony should be held without delay.
As Ishan was preparing for GRE, he insisted that Anushka should also restart her preparations for Civil Services Exams, which was Anushka’s childhood dream, but was forgotten after she fell in love with Parikshit.

            Anushka also took it as a God sent opportunity and started her preparations. Long calls and random lunches were a common feature during this time. Gradually Anushka was noticing a change in herself. Whenever she was alone, she used to think as to how considerate Ishan had been to her since childhood days. He had always helped her, be it solving Maths problem or preparing school projects. Though even after the engagement, Ishan never expressed his love; Anushka noticed love in his small acts of care and concern for her.

When both of them were busy preparing to achieve their goals, time flied fast.

When Anushka’s Civil Services Exams result was declared, everbody was surprised at her success. Her family was very happy as she had scored a good rank in the exam and had become famous in the city. Ishan had come back to India after completing his studies. He had joined an MNC in India. His company was pressing him hard to take an offshore assignment, but he had deferred the decision till Anushka’s Exam result. He congratulated Anushka for her success. Anushka was so happy that she had not noticed that the frequency of Ishan’s phone calls had decreased. One day she noticed an envelope on her father’s table with a photograph and bio data of an IAS boy. When she confronted her mother, she said,” Yes! The boy is IAS, his father is retired Chief Engineer. The boy’s family has approached us and in our opinion you are not going to get a better match.”
Anushka was surprised,” but Mamma! You know that I am engaged!”
Her mother replied,” but the situations have changed! At that time you were not an IAS! Now you have choice!”
Anushka said, “Mamma! You mean to say that I should betray the person who has the full credit for my success! When I had failed in my first attempt, even you had lost hopes! That time, he was the only one who supported me and encouraged me to give it a second try! How can I forget all this?”
Her mother said,” I didn’t tell you as it might hurt you, but the truth is Ishan has cancelled the engagement with you. He had come home last week and his mother has returned this ring.”
            Anushka burst into tears as she saw the ring! The fact that Ishan had come home and not met her shattered her. What was her fault? Why didn’t Ishan atleast ask her once before calling off the engagement?
Anushka didn’t know that her mother had told her only half the truth. What she didn’t tell Anushka was that when Ishan’s mother had come to finalize the date for wedding, she told her that after change in situations Anushka wanted to reconsider the proposal. Ishan’s mother felt insulted.
 When she told Ishan about this, he asked, “Is this Anushka’s decision?”  his mother said,” I don’t think her mother could say so without her consent.” Ishan felt hurt. He took off the engagement ring and gave it to his mother to return it to Anushka.

        Anushka was crying uncontrollably as she was recalling the memories of Ishan. She could never have believed that Ishan could break her heart, had it not been for the ring being returned by him. Slowly her sorrow was replaced by anger as she decided to confront Ishan directly and headed towards his home. At his home she was informed by Ishita that Ishan had left for London, accepting the offshore assignment from the company. When Anushka expressed her annoyance, ishita fired back at her for ditching Ishan. After hearing Ishita’s version, Anushka came to know that she had been misinformed by her own parents. Ishita also told her how Ishan had always loved her, but was left heartbroken due to her refusal to marry him. Anushka tried to contact Ishan over phone but to no avail.

Anushka informed her parents about her decision to visit London to meet Ishan. Her parents opposed her tooth and nail but could not succeed in changing her opinion. She packed her bag and left for her friend’s house at Delhi, who had promised her every help. Her friend took her to the office of British Airways, who guided her regarding the visa process. She applied for tourist visa and at the same time, booked her ticket for London, as it seemed to be the only choice to save her relationship. She also applied for one month extension for joining the IAS training academy, but was not concerned about the decision on it. She was clear that whether she got extension or not, her first priority was to get back Ishan’s love.

             After few days, she was on the way to London in British Airways flight.  As this was her maiden foreign visit, she was also little worried. But to her surprise, the atmosphere within the flight was very friendly. As she was a strict vegetarian, she was happy to be served Indian vegetarian food. She watched a Hindi movie during the flight. When she expressed the apprehensions of being a first timer to the cabin crew, they briefed her about the local weather, transport etc.
Anushka landed in Hethrow airport with the hope of finding her love with the address slip, but she was surprised to find a couple with a placard of her name. on the way to their home in car, it was revealed that Ishita had informed Ritvik, the best friend of Ishan in London about the venture of Anushka and requested him to receive her. Ritvik along with his wife had already chalked out the plot for the meeting of Anushka with Ishan.

          In the dinner hosted by Ritvik, Ishan was sitting in a corner. Though he had almost given up going to parties, he could not refuse his best friend Ritvik’s invitation when he told that he would cancel the party if he Ishan didn’t come.
Ishan was pretending to listen to music with eyes closed, when he heard a familiar voice,” may I sit here?”
Ishan almost jumped off his seat as if he had seen a ghost. “how did you come here?”
“ New Delhi London flight by British Airways” replied Anushka.
“I am not joking. My point is why have you come here?”
“ I could even go to the other end of the world to meet you. Fortunately you have forced me to come to London only.” Said anushka as she continued after a pause,” and though I know how you were misinformed that I had decided to call off the engagement, I just wanted to ask that how could you believe it? Do you think it is so easy for a girl to call off the engagement? ”
Ishan was silent for a moment. He had still not recovered from the shock of this unexpected encounter. He said in a low voice,” because I think that though I always loved you, agreeing to marry me was your compulsion as you never loved me. And regarding calling off the engagement, after being selected for IAS, you are no more an ordinary girl and can do the extra ordinary things.”
“ you are right that I can do the extra ordinary things.” Ishan was trying to derive the meaning from this statement, as he got another shock.

                 Anushka was kneeling before him with a ring in her hand, saying,” I today confess from the core of my heart that I love you. Would you please marry me?”
Ishan was embarrassed as he heard the sounds of giggles of his friends. he had not noticed how music had slowed down and all the friends had gathered around them. Ishan only said,” What are you doing?”
Ritwik patted his shoulder and smiled,” say yes, stupid! The girl has come so far to propose you!”
Ishan held Anushka’s hand and pulled her to embrace her saying ,” yes! And I promise that no matter what, I am not going to leave you till my last breath.”
The room was filled with the sounds of clapping and cheering.

               The next day Anushka and Ishan were received by their families as they landed in India from British Airways flight.  All were knowing that there is no use asking questions to them. all they could ask them the date to be printed on the wedding cards .

This post is written by me for British Airways and Indiblogger


  1. Such a wonderful story, Ratna. Seems so real.
    Very well-written! Best wishes! :)

  2. Thanks Anita, you are such a great support for me. Getting a complement from a great writer like you makes my day!

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